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Hello world

My name is Diane,
I am a Junior Web Developer working at Pix4D since Nov 2016.

I am continually reading a lot of blogs and articles about how to become a better developer and how to write good code.

Now it is time for me to start writing a blog to help me to have a better understanding of some topics and also keep a trace on my evolution. I hope it helps me to stay focused and up-to-date for some technologies and also to deepen on what I already know.

Time to time, I also appreciate spending hours to solve problems or writing scripts to do not do basic stuff again and again. I hope sharing this knowledge could help others developers.

My work environment

Computer: MacBook Pro 2017
IDE: Pycharm
Editor: Brackets
Terminal: ZSH
Git: GitKraken
ToDolist: TickTick
Password Manager: Dashlane
Note: Bear

Updated: Sept. 24, 2018
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