Posts Agile Tour 2019 Lausanne - Feedback

Agile Tour 2019 Lausanne - Feedback

Yesterday I was at the Agile Lausanne tour. I will write to you what I have learnt yesterday.

Conf 1: Is the tester dead in an Agile world? Laurent Bouhier

the tester should be in charge of write scenarii that the developer can code. Those scenarii should cover a maximum a path the user can or will do/make. The goal is to try to predict all users cases. We talk about the quadrant test: according to the speaker, the tester should take care of Q3 and Q4. and this is why the tester is not dead in an Agile world :-) the goal is also to prevent bugs from going to production by doing some exploratory tests. He should also have a great knowledge of the platform in order to help the PO to define as precisely as possible the acceptance criteria of the stories. The speaker also said that the tester is not always a job or a position. It could also be a role that the person in the team share or make a rotation.

Conf 2: The Wedding of Lean and Agile to bring innovation

It was about the Vaudoise assurance feedback about their transition from nothing to Lean (for Management team) and Scrum/Kanban for developer teams. they put that in place just before their first huge cross team project. Before their noticed that there was a lack of communication and a lot of time lost when a task needs to go from one team to another . One interesting thought was also the way they associate person/team to a project. In this company they have a board with the incoming project, and people can register on project they are interested and they want to work on. And just before the beginning of the project, the team is created with the proper and motivated person.

Conf 3: OKR or how to include business strategy in your day-to-day job

They talk quickly about the difference between holacracy and sociocracy. Most of the person in the room said that sociocracy is maybe what company will tend to go in the future. Here are the explanation about those two concepts: Holacracy and Sociocracy At the company level, there is also a team in charge of reviewing regularly the OKR an adapt it if needed. This team is also working in sprint. In the principles, you should only define 3 Objectives and you should determine as much as you need key-results to achieve this objective.

The other conferences (“Collaboration and synchronization: your team can do better” and “Place of creativity in your Agile transformation) “ was not as much interesting as the three i mentionned before. The first one was more to sell the product Tuleap, and the second one was oriented for person in charge of the transition from nothing to Agile. on the first I will just remind the following book (in French): Les 5 piliers de dysfonctionnement d’une équipe:

  • confiance
  • confrontation
  • engagement
  • responsabilisation
  • résultat collectif
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