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Block website to improve focuses

As I am now fully working from home, break and hot beverage breaks are totally different. No more breaks where you can talk with colleagues, no more “forced” break to eat croissants 🥐. I am not really good to take a real break for few minutes not in front of my computer.

Usually, I go to some websites like twitter or Linkedin to check some news, but it can be unmanageable. To help me focus, I have decided at the beginning of the year, to put several actions in place.

Block some websites during working hours.

Those website did not provide me a lot of useful information, so I have decided to block them during working hours, and If needed I can still check them after those hours. This helps me a lot to stay focuses on my work.

here is the code to do so:

My computer for work is under Ubuntu, so this is how I run automatically this file. In your terminal

crontab -e

It will open the file and I have only added this line

45 7 * * MON-FRI /usr/bin/python3 ~/desktop/ >> ~/cron.log 2>&1

It means that each morning at 7:45AM my ypthon file which is called will be execute.

Still need/want to read technical articles

Really easily, I selected some interesting authors, or blog, take their RSS feed link and use Feedly to read all my articles without any distractions.

I am really happy with those decisions, and feeling really less guilty at the end of some days!

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