Posts 2019 - End of year review

2019 - End of year review

I am working at Pix4D for a bit more than 2 years now and, it is time for me to analyze my evolution.

Two years ago

When I started at Pix4D, my Github knowledge was very poor, I was not really familiar with Django, never play for Angular, never heard about Ansible, Jenkins


Now, I am really familiar with Django (taking care of all the update of our libraries - migrations from Django 1.11 to 2.8), I am happy to help my front end colleagues on Angular project: developed some small features, wrote some end-to-end tests I am definitively more confident to play with GitHub (rebase, stash, reset, …). I am also really happy to taking care and be in charge of some projects in the company. I have also play a bit with No-SQL DB (DynamoDb), Marshmarllow and Falcon

In the Future

For the next year, I would like to improve my python advanced skills (security and performance), but I also would like to focus on improving my skills about containers (ex: Docker) and continuous deployment. Continue to help and play with front-end is also something that I would like to continue and finally, I would like to increase my skills on leading/managing project. I am looking forward to see what 2020 will be going on the professionnal side

Here is the evolution of my github contributions:




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