Posts Giving and receiving feedbacks

Giving and receiving feedbacks

Why getting feedback regularly

Beginning of the year is still a good moment (for me), to take a break and plan my annual goals. It is also a nice time to go looking for feedbacks from my peers.

Why? to help me see what are my strength and what are my weaknesses.

If I know what bother my colleagues and what are they thankful for, it will help me setting my goals, and change some of my behaviour.

The format I use

I created a google forms with 8 questions. I choose 4 colleagues to send this forms. Those colleagues have very different profiles. The goals for me is to see how I am perceived from more junior peer, from person that I am technically inspired by, and from leader that I respect.

Those persons are the one that I trust to provide me good feedbacks, and with which it is quite easy to talk and exchange.

I keep persons with I am less comfortable for my annual review, because the feedback will be more formal at this time. Don’t know if this is the right choice, will see that in next month.

Why a google form?

I think this is easier for the person to take time to write down their mind and can do that when they are emotionally ready.

My questions

  • Do you have in mind a moment where I surprise you in a good way?
  • Do you have in mind a moment where you told you “Gasp, She could have done differently/better”?
  • According to you, what are my 3 main strength?
  • Could you identifier 3 axes for improvement?
  • Do you have any advices to improve those previous axes?
  • Anything else you want to share
  • Would you want me to do the same exercise for you?
  • Would you like to discuss that later in real life?
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