Posts 2020 review and 2021 Goals

2020 review and 2021 Goals

We are already in March 2021 so this is time to make a review of 2020 and also to set new goals/behaviour for 2021.

2020 review

What I planed to do one year ago


  • Write an article on my blog twice a month
    • Was a bit excessive, it take times to learn new skills and write about it.
  • Keep an optimistic mindset, stay positive in main situation
    • Try to do so, but this is still in progress.
  • Go to 2 conferences
    • Even with Covid 19, I achieved to listen to the Python Web Summit, and go another conference plans for April 2021. Conferences I planned to go where cancelled.
  • Read at least one book relative to Software and Organization by quarter
    • Forget about this goal. I read a lot of documentation about Angular (new techno for me), and about gitlab. Will probably define books to read for this year
  • Be proactive and not lazy - discover new technologies and get out of my comfort zone
    • Got a new job, so I needed to learn new technologies, new logics, and get out my confort zone !


  • Go to the gym at least 3 times a week (do that since 4 months)
    • Achieve to go to the gym before Covid, and now doing Freeletics at home, 4 times a week
  • Cook my meal for all lunches during the week
    • Working from home helps a lot on this one, otherwise I think I achieved to do that 4 times a week.
  • Drink less than one coffee a day
    • No more coffee during week, only on the weekend!
  • Do not buy accessories coming from all around the world (lets see if I can do the same for clothes)
    • Decrease by 50%, and most of the stuff ordered online are coming from close country
  • Drink less alcohol during the week (start by ordering small beer instead of large one)
    • No more alcohol during week for two months now, and really decrease alcohol during weekend. Feel great about it
  • Do meditation twice a week before sleeping
    • Total failure on this one, but instead try to go walking at least 30 minutes during week

What also happened during the year

  • I got a new job. I am now working at Hacknowledge. Still working with Python (tornado, sqlAchemy, flask, docker, gitlab). Also working with Angular, Material Design and I quite love it.
  • I am working from home full-time and I (finally) achieve to put all the setup I needed to be fully focused and efficient.
  • I will start a new adventure in few months and become president of the association that I am involved.

2021 Goals


  • 🎙 Go to 2 conferences
  • ✍🏼 Write an article on my blog once a month -> try to write small articles about stuff I discovered at work.
  • 📚 Read books relative to work (The unicorn project, Unfu*k yourself, Design pattern, something about SqlAchemy)
  • 🖥 Improve skills on Design pattern, and data base
  • 🧘🏽‍♀️ Be more rigorous when I do pull requests and to document new project
  • Reduce my job to 90%


  • 🚶🏽‍♀️Walk at least 5000 steps by day
  • No more alcohol 🍺 and coffee ☕ during week
  • ⏰ Be more organized to split between job, association and hobby
  • 🤸🏽‍♀️ Freeletics 4 times a week
  • Be able to clean the appartment and do not create lots of bazaars all over the place
  • Reduce time spent on some websites where I infinite scroll (Twitter, Linkedin, LeMatin, instagram, youtube, ….)
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