Posts Feedly and RSS flux for this website

Feedly and RSS flux for this website

Few weeks ago, I decided to adopt new behaviour for 2021 (another article will come soon). One of those new behaviour is to stop infinite scroll on some websites like twitter.

But how to get notify about interesting articles?

Using Feedly to load some RSS flux that I want to follow, and that’s it. Only articles that are relevant are shown in this app, and when I want to take a break, I can read them from feedly without be tempted to navigate and loose myself in the web.

Reading RSS now, but how this website generate RSS about my articles.

This Jekyll theme already provide a RSS system. The code that generate the RSS flux is in the feed.xml file.

I was not very happy with the RSS flux provided by the theme, cause it truncate the content to 200 characters (cf line 53).

I try to remove this truncate, but I was still not very pleased with the result. To not loose this RSS generator, I renamed the file to feed_old.xml and instead I use another xml template to generate my RSS flux. You can find it here.

You can see the result of my RSS flux in and it looks like that in me feedly app:

Feedly rss flux

and this is how an article looks like when you read it

Feedly show article

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