Posts I decided to write a CSS library

I decided to write a CSS library

I have decided to implement a CSS library and published it to npm.


The goal here is to discovered several aspects of developing a public library:

  • Better knowledge on SCSS
  • Learn how to deploy with npm and how to install properly throught it
  • Learn about Release in Github
  • Learn about Actions in Github*
  • Learn how to write a doc for a library
  • Learn how to inform about a new version of the library

Of course all of this aspects are under improvments, and some mistakes can be made.

What I want to do

The goal is to develop a small library that offer basic css components. To provide information about the release I would like to use the release in Github. The library will be published in NPM to be able to import it easilly in other projects.

Of course, it ould be interesting to document a bit the library to help user to use it in their own projects.

Last but not least, I would like to notify a list of email addresses by email when a new version of lib is available and also to tweet about the new version!

Lets work on it.

You could find the project here

I will write several articles to explain step-by-step the project and to be able to provide more details on each aspect.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.