Posts 2021 review and 2022 Goals

2021 review and 2022 Goals

It is time for the 2021 review and also to set new goals for 2022.

2021 review

What I planed to do one year ago


  • 🎙 Go to 2 conferences
    • Cancel due to covid and starting a new job with a new language
  • ✍🏼 Write an article on my blog once a month -> try to write small articles about stuff I discovered at work.
    • 7 articles wrote ! not so bad as I started a new job
  • 📚 Read books relative to work (The unicorn project, Unfu*k yourself, Design pattern, something about SqlAchemy)
    • Read a lot of doc and book about Ruby !
  • 🖥 Improve skills on Design pattern, and database
    • Learn a new language and improve a bit skills about performance and git
  • 🧘🏽‍♀️ Be more rigorous when I do pull requests and to document new project
    • Totally done that ! Will write an article about git rebase and writing good commit
  • Reduce my job to 90%
    • Achieve that when starting my new job


  • 🚶🏽‍♀️Walk at least 5000 steps by day
    • Done, average of 5500 steps a day !
  • No more alcohol 🍺 and coffee ☕ during week
    • Done for the coffee, but failed on the alcohol. Starting a dry january right now 😊
  • ⏰ Be more organized to split between job, association and hobby
    • Still need to work on that one.
  • 🤸🏽‍♀️ Freeletics 4 times a week
    • Achieved that during four first months of the years. Will start it again
  • Be able to clean the apartment and do not create lots of bazaars all over the place
    • A lot more better than the previous year
  • Reduce time spent on some websites where I infinite scroll (Twitter, Linkedin, LeMatin, instagram, youtube, ….)
    • Achieved ! New job and new role at Le Romandie helps me to loose less time.

What also happened during the year

At the beginning of the year, all my team was fired, and I needed to found a new job. I had the amazing opportunity to start a new journey at QoQa. I needed to learn Ruby and to discover a new way of working. This company is also working according to holacracy system which is fascinating.

I started a new position in the concert club where I volunteer. I am now President, which means I have to take care of the team and be sure all problems/questions are solved. This new challenge is really exciting especially with the pandemic context. This is for us an amazing time to restructure the team and reinvent ourselves.

2022 Goals


  • 💎 Improve Ruby skills and communication one
  • 🖥 Improve SQL skills
  • ✍🏼 Write an article on my blog once a month
  • 🎙 Go to 1 conference if covid-19 slow down


  • 📚 Read more books about leadership: to help me in my role at Le Romandie
  • Less alcohol 🍺 and coffee ☕ during week
  • 🚶🏽‍♀️Walk at least 5000 steps by day
  • 📸 Continue to shoot film and improve skill about photography
  • 💍 Manage paperwork and organisation about wedding
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